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Artisan Breads

Taste the breads that were 100 years in the making. What makes our breads different? To begin with, all of our breads are artisan breads. We don’t use any chemical shortcuts, which is why each loaf of bread matures for 3 days before baking. The result is a unique taste and texture for each one of our breads. All are made with only fresh milled organic flour. We use only the finest and purest ingredients to create from scratch, unique bagels, artisan breads, and bakery products. Our master baker uses 4th generation family recipes that contain no preservative or additives. We bake small batches all day long to ensure freshness and product quality.


Traditional braided egg bread made from a secret family
recipe over 100 years old makes our Challah unique.

Old world style bread blended with several flours, whole wheat, semolina and rye with a blend of preferment’s bakes up crusty on the outside, airy and soft on the inside. Great for dipping in favored oils.


 Pullman White  Bread 
Soft sandwich bread for kids and adults, great for toast.
Not your traditional white bread – a white bread with a French accent. Perfect for any type of sandwich.

100% Organic Whole Wheat
One of the healthiest breads you can eat. No white
four at all in this bread. Sweetened naturally with a
little honey. So delicious kids will ask for more.

Multigrain Bread
Made with only whole grains, rye, whole wheat, barley, and corn millet. Sweetened only with a little honey.
Oatmeal and sunfower seeds help give this bread a pleasing crunch and texture.

Cinnamon Swirl
An all time favorite. Sweetened with cinnamon. Great for breakfast or brunch, as a snack, or even a dessert.
A favorite for cinnamon bread French toast.